So whats Trending for the summer of 2024

So whats Trending for the summer of 2024

So what will we wear this year? Crisp white and mellow yellow will be trending for the months ahead, as are sequins and basics like denim pants and white T-shirts. On the accessories front, raffia is bigger than ever right now, while polished kitten heels and colourful flats are popping up everywhere along with the reignited clog.


 Thankfully Sunnier days are finally  here and it’s time to jump on the summer 2024 fashion trends that have been taking over our feeds. If your wardrobe is starting to feel a bit tired, you’re in luck: A new season is bringing plenty of fresh inspiration from the streets and summer runways along with it.

Like last year’s early-2010s fashion revival and so-called stealth wealth, many of this year’s defining summer trends are similarly nostalgic—just peep The Doc Marten's triumphant comeback and the return of the statement belt. But our editors have also noticed a sporty undercurrent in this season’s preppy style and sneaker trends. “I think if prices for luxury goods continue to remain as high as they currently are, we’ll see the ‘quiet luxury’ trend stick around for a bit longer,” states Mary Kate  who writes the fashion newsletter “Shop that.” “It’s just too expensive to take risks on pieces that you might not like five, 10 years down the line.” Still, she doesn’t think we’re headed for a risk-free summer: “People are interested in trying a timeless sort of elegance or opulence, not just a boring beige minimalism that’s perhaps safer.”

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